The next installment in the Write Your Memoir in Six Months bestseller memoir series

FREE WEBINAR—MONDAY OCT 2 What Made Running with Scissors a Best-Selling Memoir?  

Augusten Burroughs has written three memoirs, none more famous than his coming-of-age story, Running with Scissors. We chose this wacky, outrageous, even outlandish book as the next installment in our bestseller series for its free-wheeling storytelling and prose. 

We’re on a mission to give writers permission to write the story they want to tell, not just the story they think they should tell. Running with Scissors offers eye-opening insights into what’s possible for your memoir. Often accused of making up details, Burroughs has escaped repercussions from his memoir by holding to his truth.  

In this FREE webinar, we’ll talk about emotional truth, and writing details even if/when they’re barely there. We'll explore a simple but important question: Whose truth are you telling anyway? (Spoiler alert: yours!)  



October 2nd

4pm PT | 5pm MT 6pm CT | 7pm ET


Brooke Warner


Linda Joy Myers 

In this webinar, we'll cover...

  • Coming-of-age—what is it, the timeframe to consider, and how to think about coming-of-age scenes even if your scope is bigger. 
  • The importance of emotional truth—what it is and how it will keep you out of hot water with the “memoir police.”
  • How and why to write specific scenic details and dialogue even if/when the memories are vague.
  • Whose truth are you writing? Owning your experience, your story, and how and why to keep the critics at bay while you write and after you publish.