August 19, 2018

Mastering Scene: Unlock the Power of Your Memoir (MASTER CLASS)

Class dates: October 22, October 29, November 5, November 12 (4pm PT/7pm ET)

Classes are one hour long and we record all sessions so that you can watch the recordings if you have to miss a class.
EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION: $99 (save $30 when you register by October 15)




In this 4-week masters class, Brooke and Linda Joy will lead you through what you need to know to create vivid scenes that transport the reader into the “fictive dream” of your real-life story.

There is nothing more elemental to memoir than scene-writing, and this class includes a sample packet to help you both see and internalize how to do scenes well—and better. You’ll leave this course equipped with a core understanding of this all-important building block, and an eye for the many aspects of scene that help connect you to your readers, and readers to your story.
Class 1 (October 22). What Is Scene? Defining what makes a scene and how to decide what to include in your memoir.

Class 2 (October 29). Time Matters: Anchoring your reader, tracking time in relation to previous scenes, and flashback and memory.

Class 3 (November 5). Who’s in the Story? How to make your characters real people on the page.

Class 4 (November 12). Your Courageous Voice: How to use narration, reflection, and takeaway to write a memoir that touches readers’ hearts.