August 21, 2018

Write Your Book in Six Months becomes Write Your Memoir in Six Months

Linda Joy and I are pleased to announce that we are refining our course to be memoir-specific. After much good feedback and a general sense of feeling more aligned to our passion of serving memoirists, we have reconceptualized the course to be tailored specifically to memoirists and the unique challenges that they face. And we couldn’t be happier. Linda Joy, founder and president of the National Association of Memoir Writers, has been a tireless advocate of the power of memoir to heal and give … [Read more...]

Repurpose and Conquer

In preparation for Write Your Book in Six Months, I’m doing my own challenge---writing my own book in six months, with the goal of being finished by July 1. And has it ever been a challenge! There are a million reasons it’s hard to write, a hundred priorities that take precedent over the day-to-day writing, and more than enough excuses as to why writers don’t stay on track of their writing goals. Much more rare, and therefore more valuable and important, are the strategies that keep us … [Read more...]

Writing in the Digital Age with Linda Joy and Brooke

On April 30, Linda Joy and Brooke offered this conversation to the NAMW community. Here we talk about writing in the digital age, complete with insights about how to stay on track, write fast and in flow, and ideas for building your platform by starting with a free or low-cost ebook. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Why to Launch Your Publishing Career with an Ebook

Lots of aspiring authors are met with rejections from agents and editors because they don’t have enough of a platform. A platform is anything you’re doing (currently or in the works) that supports your author profile, gives you visibility, and shows a publisher that you have what it takes to reach customers. Things that automatically count against you include: no email list; no or few Facebook friends or fans; no Twitter account or followers; no website. You MUST build your online presence if … [Read more...]

The Value of Fast Writing

Fast writing, as it turns out, is a bit of a controversial topic for some creatives. I’ve talked to a lot of writers lately who believe the creative process should not be rushed, and that doing so means sacrificing value—for the writer and the reader. I want to take on this topic today to offer a different perspective on fast writing, and to talk about what it can do for you and why it’s a good practice. When I’m talking about fast writing I’m talking about diving into your content. I’m talking … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Your Prescriptive Writing Shine

1. Use subheads. Subheads tell your reader what to expect, and they can help you stay on point, too, by functioning as content containers. Think of the content that falls under any given subhead as a substance going into a bucket. Maybe you have water, cornmeal, flour, etc., and goal is not to mix or have your substance spill out or flow over. These ingredients are your content. If you’re writing about dating, for instance, you might have a chapter about getting back into the scene after … [Read more...]

The Difference between Dusty Projects and “Emotion Pits”

Many writers have a dream to finish a project that is in desperate need of oxygen, dying a slow death on some shelf or computer file. I’ve worked with lots of writers who don’t just have writing a book on their bucket list, but writing a particular book. People who fall into this category often either have experienced divine inspiration (they KNOW they have a good idea, and it’s just a matter of acting on it: FINISHING), or they’ve had a life–shaping or –altering experience that they feel called … [Read more...]

Unplug, disconnect, and disengage

I’ve written some about the creative payoff of disconnecting from Internet, email, and phone. We all know doing so creates space for creativity and productivity, but mostly we think of unplugging as something that would be nice, that we should do. We might even consider it a luxury. In fact, if you can make disconnecting part of your writing practice, you will find that it’s much more than a luxury. It’s an invaluable component of staying on track with your writing goals. One of the best … [Read more...]